Pennsylvania Voters on Election Security

Publication date: September 22, 2022
Written by: Travis Taylor

Governor Wolf recently vetoed election reform legislation, leading to the introduction of new legislation to modernize and restore the integrity of Pennsylvania’s elections. In
response, the Center for Excellence in Polling, at the request of Opportunity Solutions Project, surveyed likely Pennsylvania voters to measure their support for the reforms vetoed by Governor Wolf and those proposed in the new legislation currently in the
Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Results show overwhelming and often bipartisan support for the election integrity
measures proposed by the House of Representatives. Pennsylvania voters want to
see the legislature pass—and the governor sign into law—reforms that will bring Pennsylvania elections into the 21st century and that will stand as a safeguard against threats of voter fraud.

Voters say these reforms will restore trust in democracy. As a result, voters of all
political stripes support them and would like to see them enacted.