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The Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP) conducts market research and messaging analysis to inform policymakers and the public about voters’ opinions, attitudes, and concerns on critical public policy issues.

CEP is a project of the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Our Latest Polls


2021 Missouri Health Care Poll

November 12, 2021

We recently surveyed likely Missouri voters on important health care issues. Responses show broad support for expanding health care access is not bound by party lines.

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workers in Ohio

2021 Ohio Unemployment and Workforce Poll

November 8, 2021

We recently surveyed likely Ohio voters on unemployment and workforce issues affecting the state. The results indicate there is significant common ground among voters regarding unemployment program integrity and removing barriers to work.

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Texas SB1

Texas SB 1: Confidence in Elections Poll

November 5, 2021

In early September, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 1 with the purpose of preventing fraud in the state’s elections. We recently surveyed likely Texas voters to gauge their opinions on this new law and how its passage affected voter confidence in election processes.

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St. Augustine Florida

2021 Florida Issues Poll

November 1, 2021

We recently surveyed Florida voters on various important issues facing the Sunshine State, including health care, property taxes, and education policy.

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2021 Arkansas Ballot Initiative Poll

October 23, 2021

We recently surveyed likely Arkansas voters on their opinions about ballot initiatives in the state.

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Joe Biden

Biden Approval Numbers Continue to Drop

October 21, 2021

In our most recent survey, President Biden continues to perform poorly.

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Recent Public Tracking Polls

2021 National 3rd Quarter Tracking Poll

October 23, 2021

The Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP) recently surveyed likely voters on current issues facing the country. This tracking poll asked similar questions to a tracking poll conducted in June of 2021. The results indicate that not only are Americans still concerned about many of the same issues they faced earlier this summer, but also that a great deal has happened in the last four months to shift the political tides—and not in the majority party’s favor.

Your Voice Matters

The Center for Excellence in Polling creates focus groups to ask individuals about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards issues.

COVID-19 Spending in Wisconsin

June 3, 2021

$3.2 billion is coming to Wisconsin, even though it has a $2 billion surplus. So far, it seems the governor alone could decide what to do with this money.