2023 Food Stamps Poll Summary

Publication date: May 31st, 2023
Written by: Travis Taylor

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed voters about the food stamp program and found that a majority of likely voters nationwide support reforms that would improve program integrity and promote work within the program.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of likely voters strongly or somewhat support requiring able-bodied adults without young children to work, train, or volunteer at least part time as a condition of eligibility for food stamps. This includes majorities of Republicans (80%), Democrats (67%), and Independents (70%)—and nearly three-quarters of women voters of all parties (74%).

Voters also support measures that would improve the integrity of the program and ensure that those receiving benefits are truly eligible:


…of all likely voters strongly or somewhat support checking food stamp applicants’ financial assets, such as large amounts of cash in the bank, to make sure they are truly eligible. This includes two-thirds of Democrats (66%) and nearly three-quarters of Independents (73%) and women in all political parties (73%).


…strongly or somewhat support closing the loophole that allows individuals with higher income and financial resources to collect food stamps (also known as Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility, or BBCE), including a wide swath of Republicans (78%), Democrats (68%), Independents (69%), and women (71%) regardless of party affiliation.