2023 Mississippi Issues Poll

Publication date: June 5, 2023
Written by: Sarah Coffey 

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed likely Mississippi voters to gauge their opinions on important matters in the state. In general, Mississippians are concerned about crime, support reforms that would better secure elections and public safety, and oppose politically motivated investing strategies.

Support and oppose percentages combine “strongly support” with “somewhat support” and “strongly oppose” and “somewhat oppose” responses.

Voters are concerned about crime

An overwhelming majority of voters are very or somewhat concerned about crime rates in the state (92%), especially in Mississippi’s cities (73%) more so than in suburban or rural areas. Likely voters in the state support reforms that will hold bad actors accountable: 


support the creation of a special unit that investigates election law violations.



support allowing both the state attorney general and local prosecutors to have the authority to prosecute election crimes.


support allowing the state attorney general to step in and prosecute cases local prosecutors refuse.

Mississippian voters don’t support politically motivated investing


support an investigation by the attorney general into institutions that fail to act in their clients’ best financial interests.


support the attorney general investigating banks and financial institutions that make investment decisions based on a political agenda without informing their clients.


support efforts by the attorney general to stop investors from considering political factors when investing for clients.


support the attorney general challenging a rule requiring companies to report on their real or potential climate impact to investors.