2022 Oregon Issues Poll

Publication date: December 1, 2022
Written by: Andrew Welhouse

The Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP) recently surveyed likely voters in Oregon on several important issues. The results indicate strong support for good government reforms such as a wide range of election integrity measures and eligibility checks for government benefits.

Oregon voters support ballot integrity and oppose private election funding

CEP found that an overwhelming number of voters (85%) think that an individual should have to be a U.S. citizen to vote in state and local elections, including strong majorities of Democrats (75%) and Independents (87%). Further, voters support reforms that would improve confidence in state and local elections.


…of likely voters support requiring a bipartisan team to escort ballots whenever they are transported from one location to another.


…support allowing election officials to validate, but not count, absentee ballots starting seven days prior to Election Day to speed up the counting process.


…support auditing vote totals after every election.


…oppose allowing government offices that oversee elections to accept funding for their operations from private individuals and special interest groups such as corporations and political organizations.

Oregon voters support accountability in benefit programs

Clear majorities of Oregon voters support requiring able-bodied adults without young children to work, train, or volunteer at least part time as a condition of eligibility for food stamps (61%) and support a six-month restriction on unemployment benefits for individuals who refuse to report income changes as required by law (61%).


…of likely voters support requiring unemployment applications to be checked against existing data to help ensure those who are receiving unemployment benefits are truly eligible.