2021 Alaska Unemployment Poll

Publication date: December 29, 2021
Written by: Stefani Buhajla

The Center for Excellence in Polling surveyed likely Alaskan voters about their opinions on unemployment insurance (UI) programs in the state. Overall, there is bipartisan support for reforms that increase the integrity and usefulness of UI and help Alaskans return to the workforce.

Alaska Voters Support Unemployment Integrity

Alaska voters support reforms that improve the integrity of the state’s unemployment insurance (UI) system—including verifying the identity of an applicant prior to approving them for benefits.









More than half of respondents say that increasing efforts to reduce fraud, such as cross-checks, further review of suspected bank fraud, and requiring businesses to report individuals who refuse a job offer if they are suspected of collecting UI benefits are important. And they also want UI beneficiaries to be performing at least one meaningful work search activity per business day.

Alaskans would like to see the state establish a mandatory job referral system that connects job seekers with businesses that are hiring (61%). While more than two-thirds agree that the state should be required to conduct comprehensive annual audits of the UI system and recover improper payments that have been issued to beneficiaries.

More than 70% would like to see increased website security measures, information sharing between welfare and UI agencies, and verification of beneficiary work-search activities.

Alaska voters support...

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