2021 National Inflation Message Test Poll

As inflation begins to rear its ugly head, CEP wanted to find out how the average American views its effects on their day-to-day lives and future plans.

Not surprisingly, one of likely voters’ biggest concerns relates to the catastrophic rise in lumber prices. The problems arising out of the supply chain are pricing many families out of their first home.

And while young families contemplate housing, they are facing rising gas prices that put a daily strain on the budget and increases in diesel fuel that ultimately result in higher totals at the grocery store.

At the time of publishing, the Consumer Price Index reported the cost of retail goods went up by more than five percent in the last year alone. Sixty-nine percent of likely voters have concerns about what this means for them.

While Republicans and Independents mostly blame big government spending for these problems, it is Democrats who blame a well-known culprit—government-mandated economic shutdowns.

Legislators in the states and in Congress should take note of voters’ fears and immediately correct course by eliminating COVID-19 restrictions and big spending programs that only lead to further inflation.