National Election Integrity Executive Order Poll

Biden’s executive order on election processes has many voters confused

64% of voters either initially oppose or are unsure how they feel about about the President’s political power grab. So what happens when they find out the truth?

American voters are less likely to support the President’s executive order when they know…
  • It requires federal agencies to help politically-biased organizations provide election services on federal property.
  • It could be used to keep one political party in power indefinitely.
  • It was a way for President Biden to bypass Congress so he could change election policy through an executive order.
American voters are even less likely to support the President’s political power grab when they know…
  • It could create loopholes that permit election fraud, such as people double voting or people voting who are ineligible to vote.
  • It could mean more voter registration applications are mailed out than there are Americans who are eligible to vote.
  • The federal government would be able to override state election laws.
  • It could transfer control over local and national elections from the states and give that power to the federal government.
  • It could give the White House partisan political power over elections.