2023 Missouri Initiative Integrity Poll

Publication date: March 20, 2023
Written by: Sarah Coffey

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed likely Missouri voters on the ballot initiative process in the state.


…of likely voters in Missouri strongly or somewhat support requiring a majority of registered voters to approve a Missouri ballot initiative before it is allowed to go into effect.


…strongly or somewhat support requiring election officials to verify all signatures on a ballot petition—currently they are only verified by random selection.

Missouri voters support measures that would ensure voters have the opportunity to hear details about ballot initiatives and be well-informed. Roughly eight in 10 likely voters of all parties (79%) support requiring sponsors of new ballot initiatives to hold a public hearing in each county so voters may learn details about the proposals and ask questions.

Voters also strongly support measures that would ensure those collecting signatures and signing petitions have a vested interest in the state. Eighty percent of likely voters, including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, support requiring those who collect signatures to be registered to vote in Missouri, and 80 percent also support requiring anyone who signs a petition to be a U.S. citizen.