2022 Wyoming Medicaid Expansion Poll

Publication date: March 1, 2022
Written by: Stefani Buhajla

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed likely Wyoming voters to gauge their opinions on Medicaid expansion and low-cost, free-market solutions to help low-income individuals obtain health care coverage in Wyoming.

Just this week, the Wyoming legislature defeated a proposal to expand Medicaid. Their action on the issue is in line with what we have learned about the attitudes of likely Wyoming voters: The majority support free-market solutions to solving health care issues in the state.


support allowing non-profit organizations like the Farm Bureau to provide health coverage to their members, which is often less expensive than traditional health insurance.


would rather the state work to promote private coverage, like employer-sponsored health insurance, than expand Medicaid.

Further, 65 percent of likely Wyoming voters support improving the integrity of the Medicaid program through frequent data cross-checks that help ensure those who are receiving benefits are truly eligible.