2022 National Welfare Integrity Poll

Publication date: March 29, 2022
Written by: Stefani Buhajla

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed voters about their opinions on welfare program integrity reforms in food stamps and public housing.

Survey results show broad support of measures that aim to protect welfare programs from fraud and abuse and to ensure that resources are available for the truly needy. There is especially strong support for measures that would implement data cross-checks in eligibility determinations:


…of all likely voters support requiring states to check food stamp records against employment and wage data, incarceration status, and death records at least monthly to determine whether individuals are still eligible for benefits. This includes more than half of all Democrats (51%) and a majority of Independents (64%). 


support checking food stamp and other welfare rolls at least monthly to ensure recipients are not already receiving benefits in another state.

Voters also support strengthening eligibility requirements for public housing: A majority of voters support requiring states to consider expensive assets such as cars, boats, and recreational vehicles when determining eligibility for public housing (62%).