2022 National Inflation Reduction Act Poll

Publication date: September 30, 2022
Written by: Sarah Coffey

Among other concerns, inflation worries voters the most

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed likely voters, asking them how concerned they feel about certain issues facing the nation. Results indicate that there are many issues concerning voters of all political parties.

Chief among them is inflation—91 percent say they’re concerned, with 60 percent saying they’re very concerned about the increasing cost of goods and services.

Other top concerns include the costs of groceries (92%), electricity (87%), home cooling and heating (86%), fuel (85%), as well as of rent and home prices (84%). It’s worth noting that each of these issues concern majorities of Independents and Democrats, too.

Voters are also very or somewhat concerned about violent crime, the costs of new and used vehicles, rising interest rates, increased government spending, and being audited by the IRS.

Survey results indicate that policy decisions driving inflation are impacting Americans’ daily lives in big ways—and they’re worried.