2022 National Inflation Poll

Publication date: April 12
Written by: Stefani Buhajla

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed likely voters on their opinions regarding inflation.

In six different categories, we found that between 70 and 85 percent of voters are somewhat or very concerned about the effects inflation has on their ability to manage their finances.


… are worried about the increasing cost of electricity.


… are concerned about prices at the grocery store.


… are troubled by the longer-term issue of rising home prices and rent costs.

Half of likely voters would like to see an increase in domestic fossil fuel production to help bring down energy costs as the average price for a gallon of gas is above $4.00 nationwide.

Seventy percent of respondents say that labor shortages are impacting inflation either significantly or somewhat and nearly 60 percent say that able-bodied, working-age adults should participate in government approved job training or volunteer at least part-time as a condition of eligibility for welfare. Further, by a thirty-point margin, a plurality of voters think that those on unemployment should make a good faith effort to return to work by performing at least one meaningful work search activity each business day.