2022 Alabama Issues Poll

Publication date: January 14, 2023
Written by: Andrew Welhouse

In the weeks following the 2022 November election, the Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP) surveyed likely Alabama voters on several challenges Congress and state leaders will likely face in the coming year. In the survey, several issue areas received substantial support across party lines, and a clear mandate emerged on topics related to health insurance, higher education, and welfare reform.

Voters support businesses pooling together to offer health insurance

For small businesses, pooling together to offer health insurance to their employees can result in more affordable options than what an individual business can offer on its own. CEP found strong support (91 percent) for this option, including across-the-board support from Republicans (92 percent), Independents (88 percent), and Democrats (91 percent).


…of likely Alabama voters support allowing small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alabama to join together to provide more affordable health insurance options for their employees.

Alabama voters support educational flexibility and alternatives to college

CEP found that a significant majority of voters support online courses and incentives for non-traditional students to finish college (85 percent), transparency for high school students on alternatives to four-year college (81 percent), and a focus on in-demand fields like technology and health care (77 percent).


… of likely Alabama voters support reduced tuition for online courses and a free introductory online course to encourage students over age 25, especially former military and National Guard members, to finish college.


… support requiring public high schools to inform students about the average costs of college, vocational or technical training, student loans, and the top 10 most in-demand occupations in the state.


… support tuition discounts at public colleges and universities for classes in the most in-demand fields, incentivizing students to pursue college degrees that have the best chance for a job and good salary after graduation.

Alabama voters support welfare reform

CEP also found strong support for a range of reforms for state-level welfare programs that would move individuals from welfare to work and ensure only the truly needy are receiving benefits.


of likely Alabama voters support requiring able-bodied adults without children to work, train, or volunteer at least part time as a condition of eligibility for food stamps.


support requiring individuals to cooperate with the state’s attempt to collect child support as a condition of eligibility for food stamps.


support requiring able-bodied adults to work, train, or volunteer at least 20 hours per week as a condition of eligibility for Medicaid.