2021 Missouri Health Care Poll

Publication date: November 12, 2021
Written by: Stefani Buhajla

The Center for Excellence in Polling recently surveyed likely Missouri voters on important health care issues. Responses show broad support for expanding health care access is not bound by party lines.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents support creative and innovative ways for Missourians to get affordable health insurance.


Telehealth visits make health care more accessible, but in Missouri they must cost the same as in-person visits. A significant margin of voters say they support allowing providers and insurance companies to charge less for telehealth visits than they do for in-person visits. And half support allowing patients to see telehealth providers outside Missouri state lines.


Most voters support unconventional, yet affordable and effective methods for accessing health insurance, such as allowing small businesses and entrepreneurs to band together to provide more affordable health insurance options for themselves and their employees. A strong majority also support membership arrangements with specialty medical providers that can provide for health care needs without involving insurance companies (72%).

Respondents show a general favor for improving transparency in health care. Most say they would support protecting patients from credit score impairment if they are unable to pay unexpected medical bills (70%).

Party lines blur, as well, when it comes to price transparency: 85% of all likely voters support requiring medical providers to automatically disclose prices of procedures to all patients.