2021 Missouri Election Integrity and Welfare Poll

Publication date: December 22, 2021
Written by: Stefani Buhajla

Election Integrity

A majority of Missouri voters said they support measures that bring greater security and transparency to elections.


oppose allowing state government offices that oversee elections to accept funding from private individuals and special interest groups. 

Remarkably, more Democrats (73%) than Republicans (67%) say they oppose election offices accepting funds from third parties, showing that securing elections need not be a partisan issue.

Missourians want to go to the polls knowing not only that their vote matters, but also that their ballot will be secure and counted fairly. A majority support requiring all mail-in ballot applications to include a valid, government-issued ID number such as a driver’s license or the last four digits of a Social Security number (68%).

Nearly three-quarters say they support requiring ballot drop boxes to be securely monitored and recorded through video surveillance at all times (72%).


Missourians greatly support measures that ensure the state’s welfare resources are preserved for those who are truly eligible.


support requiring welfare agencies to cross-check other existing state and federal databases such as death records and lottery winnings to ensure welfare applicants and enrollees are truly eligible.

Likely Missouri voters also grasp the importance of work. A majority say they support a work requirement for able-bodied adults as a condition of eligibility for welfare (63%). 

And a majority of Missouri voters support requiring parents to cooperate with state attempts to collect child support as a condition of eligibility for welfare (62%).